Busy Days, CWIF and Motivation

Hey guys, here is a little feedback of my past few weeks… it’s been very busy !

After successfully passing my law exams in January, I’ve basically been training very hard for the upcoming lead season (which starts in July) and attending classes. My typical day was waking up at 7, training from 8 to 11, then going to University sometimes until 6pm, then training again until 9:30 and then eat, sleep (or party) and repeat !

This weekend I had my first international competition of the year in Sheffield : the CWIF (the Climbing Works international festival) ! It was my second participation at this crazy event and it was so much fun ! As usual, the first day were qualifications and they were very hard but also very tricky with some typical british slabs. Although I was feeling in a good shape before the comp, I had some difficulties finding the right climbing f. But the boulders were very interesting and the routesetters did a great job again ! This gives me a boost for getting back to some hard power trainings before the lead season starts.

The second day I cheered for Chloé who unfortunately placed 7th, first out of finals but showing some great climbing though. The finals took place that evening and it was insane ! It was like a world cup final with some big names and the routesetters did it again proposing some ridiculous problems !

I want to thank the organisers for this awesome 10th CWIF edition, Eddie Fowke from The Circuit World Cup and Performance Climbing Magazine and Bram Berkien - Active Lifestyle Photographer for the great pictures and congratulate all the strong climbers out there !

What’s next ? I have one more week of training and classes, and then I’m finally going back to some rock climbing as I’m heading to Oliana / Spain for 10 days.

Stay tuned!

Loïc Timmermans

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