En route to ... Paris!

Many thanks to Madeline Montignie for the pictures!


After the WorldCup in Imst and a satisfying 10th place, I had a rather rough time in Arco. I was very motivated to compete in Arco as I love the place and the wall there. But this World Cup also reminded me that competitions can be tough sometimes and mistakes happen.

Trailer of the Arco WorldCup courtesy IFSC.

After a first qualification route where I climbed ok but not to the top, I knew I had to top the second one to secure a place in semi-finals so I focused a lot on my preparation for that one. I was feeling very good while climbing and knew I was able to top but I somehow missed a hold around the last holds although I was still feeling strong and just surprisingly fell.




I knew this mistake would cost me a semi-final. First I was disappointed because I knew I could do much better and I was also frustrated I didn’t fight in all the routes. But after a nice ice-cream and a delicious italian pizza, I tried to stay positive and motivated myself for the upcoming competition : the World Championship in Paris !

Anak celebrating (c) Eddie Fowke

Anak celebrating (c) Eddie Fowke

Big shoutout to Anak Verhoeven who won her very first World Cup in Arco by topping all the routes of the competition ! Well that is what you can call a deserved win ;-). Two weeks are separating the World Cup in Arco from the WCH in Paris. These days will be necessary for some more trainings and a final preparation for this big event.

Preparing this WCH is a big source of motivation because it’s only every two years but also because the event will be held in a big arena with a huge crowd ! The wall will be the same one as in Chamonix so most of the climbers know what kind of routes to expect and I just hope they will be as fun as in Chamonix in July !

Must see trailer for the Climbing WorldCup in Paris 2016

Paris will be the biggest event this year and that means all the best climbers from all disciplines and from all over the world will be present. I can’t wait to see the climbing community reunited and to climb the best I can in every route ;-). Stay tuned for the live-streams and the program (from Wednesday 13th until Sunday 18th !).

Absolutely loving the wall being just next to that incredible piece of rock!

Absolutely loving the wall being just next to that incredible piece of rock!

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