Great Shape For Imst

Great Shape For Imst
Imst 2K16

Imst 2K16

Since the last World Cup in Briançon, I had a couple of weeks before the next World Cup in Imst this Friday 19th of August ! These weeks were very necessary for me as I had to get back in my best shape since I couldn’t do a proper preparation this year due to an elbow injury. 


I love trainings during the summer because I can fully focus on climbing and I don’t have to think about anything else like university. This allows me to train up to 3 times a day and then relax for the rest of the day

This summer I was even more motivated as it is an olympic year and watching athletes pushing their limits is always a source of motivation. These Olympics gave me even an extra boost as we know climbing has made it to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo !

But training can be though sometimes as well and that’s why I think it’s important to avoid a boring routine ! What I like to do is to climb in different gyms and with good friends or other climbers. So for our first week of training I decided to do a climbing trip with Nicolas Collin through Switzerland and visit the best climbing gyms out there ! We went to four different gyms and they were all great ! Our first stop was in Vertic-halle in Saxon and then we went to Rocspot in Lausanne, and finally we went to Kletterzentrum-Gaswerk and to Griffig in Zurich. We had a blast in every gym and I have to thank them to propose hard routes sometimes up to 9a+ !  

Thomas Joannes crushing in Stone Age

Thomas Joannes crushing in Stone Age

Climbing and training with good friends and other strong climbers is also always more fun ! Last week Thomas Joannes and Mael Bonzom from France came over and we had some good climbing sessions on hard routes in Klimax/Puurs !

I’m very happy with how these weeks went and to see That my  shape got better training after training. For me, it’s one of the best feelings when you can really feel training pays off and you feel strong when climbing.

So all I can say for now is that I have trained the most and the best I could for these few weeks and I’m ready to try hard ! The first upcoming competition is the World Cup in Imst and it’s one of my favourite walls there ! I’ve been to Imst since I was 8 for Youth competitions so I know the place pretty well and the World Cup has become a classic one. The wall is pretty slabby in the beginning and then gets very overhanging so the routes are often very long ! Something I like ;-).Qualfiications are on Friday morning (no live stream) and semi-finals on Friday evening.

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