Back from Spain

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a good time and can enjoy some time outdoors ;-)


For this first week of the Easter holidays, I decided to go on a trip with French climber Thomas Joannes for some rock climbing in Spain. After some busy weeks training indoor but also after the Brussels’ attacks, it felt good to escape to the rocks and breath some fresh air !


We started our trip with 3 days in the beautiful area of Siurana. It was the first time for me climbing there and I have to say I was a bit afraid of the crimpy and technical style there. But on the other hand, I was also very curious to challenge myself in this style and eventually make some progress.


Well, I loved it ! Once our skin got used to the rocks, we could try some classics of Siurana and get to crimp on so many very small holds! :-)

I ended this little trip in Siurana by climbing Kale borroka, 8b+ (second go) ; Migranya profunda, 8b+ (second go) ; Cronico 8b (second go) and Pati pa mi 8a+ (onsight). All amazing lines !


It was also nice to meet up with other climbers there and see everyone trying hard on their projects. Everyone is climbing a muerte in Spain ;-).

Now that our fingers got some more strenght because of all the crimps and our skin got used as well, we were ready to continue our trip and move on to Oliana. As for Siurana, it was my first time climbing there and thus yet another discovery !


After our first day climbing there, I was already fully in love with the crag. Oliana is a 50 meters steep limestone wall with routes up to 9b+. The crag has an incredible number of hard routes and they are all lined up ! As we were in Oliana only for 5 days of climbing, we decided to put our « beast mode » on and have some productive climbing days. We arrived every day around 10:30am, sun or not and climbed as much as our arms and skin would allow

Beast Mode Activated with Thomas Joannes

Beast Mode Activated with Thomas Joannes

I wasn’t sure about my endurance for those super long routes as I have mainly been bouldering and training on strenght for the last months but, in the end, I was very surprised I managed to keep the pump away and climb some hard routes pretty fast !

Oliana being very well renowned in the world, we had the opportunity to catch up with a lot of climbers from basically all over the world and it was very inspiring to see everyone push their own limits.


Feeling so inspired by the crag and it’s environment, I got into a great motivation spiral to try hard and crush as many routes as possible ! After 5 days of climbing, this was my tick-list with some of my hardest onsight ascents to date !

- Mind control 8c/+ (second go)

- Fish eye 8c (second go)

- T1-Full equip 8b+/c (onsight)

- Humildes pa casa 8b+ (onsight)

- Gorilas en la niebla 8b+ (onsight)

- Paper mullat 8b+ (redpoint)

- Marroncita 8b (flash)

- Mon dieu 8a (onsight)

- Mishi 8a (onsight)

I am already thinking about another trip there to try out some of the harder routes out there !

I have to thank Thomas Joannes for this great French-Belgian trip, all the very nice and inspring climbers we’ve met, the awesome refugio we stayed at in Organya for cooking great spanish food (, Simon Carter's Onsight Photography for the awesome pictures (coming soon), Monique for being so inspiring and for her great colour choices ;-), and finally my awesome sponsors who make all this possible !

Now that I have arrived in my hometown Brussels, it’s already time for the next trip ! This time it will be a German-Belgian one as I’m off to Innsbruck for a training week with Basti aka Sebastian Halenke !

Stay tuned for more and have a great day !

LoicTimmermans By Bram Berkien