About setting goals

In this article, I want to talk to you about my last month and a half that was not so surprisingly very intense ! My « everyday life » was reduced to only two things except eating and sleeping : studying and training ! This was my third year of a 5 years program at the Law school of UCL as a full-time student and I have to say it’s been already three challenging years ! Even though I have always succeeded at my exams, it has not always been easy to push my climbing shape to its best level in the mean time.


However, I think setting goals is very important and that everyone should have his own and personal goals ! So the decision I took of combining sport and studies has been my own way of pushing my limits . After graduating of my first three years, with a great distinction as a bonus , and keeping a good climbing level, I realize anything and everything is possible if you are driven to succeed and motivated enough !


At the moment it’s time for me to focus more on climbing as the WorldCup season is about to start next week with the World Cup in Chamonix (11th-12th July) ! After Chamonix, we will have yet another World Cup a few days later in the city of Villars in Switzerland. And after only a litlle week, it will be time for the traditional World Cup in Briançon and then finally some rock climbing to recover from these 3 World Cups in a row ! It will be the first time (I think) that 3 world cups will be so close to each other which makes me curious to see how that will work out but it’s going to be a great experience for sure !


I’m also happy my elbow injury has heal completely now and that I can push the trainings much further. It’s always a great feeling to finish a training knowing you gave all you had and without feeling any pain ! I feel confident I will get some good shape back soon and I can’t wait to compete again! I really like the competition in Chamonix and it will be very interesting as the climbing wall will be the one of the World Championships in Paris in September ! I’ve heard a lot of Belgians would come over to Chamonix to cheer up for the Belgian Climbing team, which makes it even more exciting !


Make sure to stay tuned as I will keep my page updated with results and even a video insight of my training for the World Cups coming soon !

If you want to watch my last years’ climbing in Chamonix, make sure to check out my Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_6...

You can follow all my adventures on my different social media channels. Stay tuned for the coming worldcups!

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Cheers :)

Loïc Timmermans